10 BIFF members yield anew in Maguindanao

by Warren Ryan Revoltar

Ten more members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) operating in central Mindanao submitted themselves to the military in Sultan Sa Barongis, Maguindanao on October 28, WestMinCom Commander Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan, Jr. stated.

Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr. said, “The report from the ground revealed that at around 5:30 in the afternoon yesterday, the BIFF members identified as Narix Saligan, Ting Dadin, Kamarudin Maguid, Mosanip Maguid, Nana Makalimpas, Walid Milikano, Allan Bagel, Macky Sandigan, Basti Usman and Datukan Palaguyan turned themselves in due to the efforts of the 33rd Infantry Battalion.”

“I would like to commend this laudable accomplishment of the Joint Task Force Central under Maj. Gen. Juvymax Uy particularly the 33IB troopers led by Lt. Col. Elmer Boongaling. You did a marvelous job,” Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr. expressed.

“Being the commander of the Western Mindanao Command, it is but more fulfilling to win our campaign here in Mindanao in a peaceful way, without even a single bullet fired,” he added.

The surrendered personalities brought along with them three rifles including one M14, one M16A1, and one M79; two rocket-propelled grenades; one Barret; one Tomb Gram; one 12 Gauge Shotgun; one Caliber 45; one Caliber 38; one Rifle Grenade; one Hand Grenade; and one Improvised Explosive Device.

The ten and their surrendered firearms are still in the custody of the 33IB for documentation.

“They will subsequently be presented to JTF Central Commander Maj. Gen. Juvymax Uy and SSB Mayor Mamatanto Mamantal,” said Lt. Col. Boongaling.

Meanwhile, Brig. Gen. Roy Galido, the commander of the 601st Infantry Brigade said that the successful operations and the substantial gains of the units under his direct supervision are attributed to the local government units and the communities who unwaveringly support the military in all of its endeavors.

“Elusive peace will be attained if we will continue to harmoniously work for it,” Brig. Gen. Galido added.

Further, Maj. Gen. Uy said that those who intend to return to mainstream society are very much welcome.

“We are always ready to assist all those who wish to embrace peace,” he said. — Western Mindanao Command

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