‘Ranger G’ documentary an eye-opener to the sacrifices of soldiers

Being a soldier is not an easy feat to achieve. Apart from the courage to risk their lives for the sake of the country, soldiers had to undergo intensive military training not just to condition their physical strength but also their mindset.

In an eye-opening documentary, actor-triathlete Matteo Guidecelli with the moniker ‘Ranger G’ takes the viewers on a tough journey towards becoming a military reservist and to earn the prestigious red “Tabak Badge.”

Guidecelli is the first celebrity to undergo the First Scout Ranger Regiment, one of the hardest military training in the world that produces the elite members of the most coveted unit in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The Scout Ranger training course prepares soldiers for anti-guerilla warfare, raids, close-quarters combat, and urban warfare.

Apart from this, they also have to go through physical workouts, military hazing, and torture simulation.

During the online press conference for the said documentary, Guidecelli praised the men and women of the military who sacrifice their lives, saying that he learned a lot from them.

“They stay away from their respective families while assigned somewhere. They are there in the jungles and serve as the umbrella of safety for us here in the cities. Every day, we in the city live great lives. Of course, we have issues and all, but these soldiers live in the mountains fighting for our freedom, protecting us who are down here,” he said.

Ranger G is now streaming on iWant TV.

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