Lorenzana honors men in uniform on AFP’s 85th anniversary

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have faced major challenges in the year 2020, which have strengthened the organization and its personnel in their sworn duty to preserve and protect the country’s borders, Defense Secretary Delfin N. Lorenzana said on the 85th founding anniversary of the AFP, which was commemorated on Monday, December 21.

Our heroic soldiers’ unwavering commitment to protect our country from all internal and external dangers, even at the sacrifice of their own lives, has elevated the AFP to a model of modern heroism, inspiring the Filipino people and earning their trust and confidence, according to Lorenzana.

“We thank our citizens for appreciating and embracing the real concept of patriotism as shown by the AFP, and including this exceptional value in their day to day lives,” Lorenzana said.

He urged the AFP’s men and women to remain committed to their mission and to always act with courage and justice when carrying out their duty.

“We have all sworn to be loyal to our country and people. May we always remember this, especially when cowardice, greed, and ambition tempt us to take short cuts or become oblivious to wrongdoings that would divert us from pursuing our sacred mandate,” Lorenzana added.

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