Air defenses in Syria ‘intercept barrage of Israeli missiles’

Syrian Central Military Media, via AP

Syrian air defenses intercepted Israeli missiles over Hama province in western Syria, according to Syrian state television, citing a military announcement.

The “barrage of missiles” was launched from the north of Tripoli, Lebanon, at 12:40 a.m. (22:40 GMT) on Friday, according to the statement, which called the strike a “Israeli aggression.”

According to the military, the missiles were intended at Masyaf, a town in the Hama countryside.

“Our air defenses intercepted the missiles and downed most of them,” it added.

Masyaf was rocked by explosions, according to the official SANA news agency.

Israel has made no immediate response.

Israeli airplanes were heard flying over neighboring Lebanon shortly before the raids, with some residents of Beirut reporting sighting missiles in the sky.

Since the commencement of the civil conflict in Syria in 2011, Israel has routinely violated Lebanese airspace and launched hundreds of raids in Syria. The assaults targeted government soldiers, supporting Iranian forces, and Hezbollah members in Lebanon.

Israel rarely admits the specifics of its operations in Syria, but it claims that Iran’s support for President Bashar al-Assad is a concern and that it would continue to fight.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, headquartered in the United Kingdom, also confirmed raids on Masyaf, claiming Israel was “likely responsible.”

The attack was directed at “positions of government forces and Iran-backed militias,” according to the war monitor, who did not provide any specifics.

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