2 Chinese jets enter Taiwan’s air space on Christmas Day

Two Chinese jets crossed Taiwanese airspace on Christmas Day, according to Taiwan’s military ministry.

On December 25, two PLA aircraft, the Y-8 ASW and the Y-8 reconnaissance, entered Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ (air defense identification zone), according to Taiwan’s defense ministry.

To keep an eye on the Chinese jets, Taiwan sent radio warnings and deployed its air defense missile systems.

In the last three months, Chinese jets have made numerous incursions into Taiwanese airspace. President Tsai Ing-wen had previously warned that the Taiwan Air Force was dispatching fighter jets at a rate that was more than double that of the previous year.

China considers Taiwan to be a reneged province and has promised to unify it with the mainland, a move that has been met with opposition from the rest of the world, including the United States, Taiwan’s closest friend.

As a Chinese aircraft carrier, the Shandong, traveled through the Taiwan Strait last week, Taiwan deployed its Air Force.

According to Taiwan’s military, the country’s fighter jets have flown 4,100 times since October in reaction to China’s incursions, an average of 22 sorties per day, a 129 percent increase over last year.

The number of naval ships dispatched to oppose Chinese ships at sea has increased dramatically, with Taiwan deploying 7,500 ships this year compared to 6,000 last year.

“Faced with Chinese communists’ saber-rattling and intimidations… we should demonstrate our belief not to yield an inch of our territory and sovereignty,” President Tsai said this as she attempted to counter China’s military power.

China’s military actions, according to a Taiwan military study, posed “severe challenges” to Taiwan’s national defense and security.

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