Army continues operations against the weakening NPA

The 29th Infantry (Matatag Fighters) Battalion of the 4th Infantry Diamond Division’s 901st Infantry (Fight ‘em) Brigade initiated a series of uninterrupted operations against the Communist NPA Terrorists’ dwindling army (CNTs).

Last December 27, 2020, in the area of Sitio Tinago, Brgy. Baleguian, Jabonga, an early gunfight with the NPA, notably those thought to be members of SYP 16A, GF16, NEMRC under the alias @Eman, took place. Two NPA members were killed in the firefight, and two AK47 weapons, as well as other valuables and documents, were seized.

On December 29, 2020, forces collected varied magazines and other types of serviceable ammunition for R4, K3, and M203 in a similar confrontation in the same region.

In addition, on January 2, 2021, Matatag fighters had another contact with more or less seven CNTs in the neighborhood of So. Cabadiangan, Brgy Jaliobong, Kicharao, in response to information provided by residents.

Following the incident, the troops seized the following items: one (1) M203 Grenade Launcher, one (1) Small piece of a broken upper receiver, one (1) M16 Bolt carrier, one (1) IED Anti-personnel mine, three (3) Yaesu HH Radios, four (4) Blasting caps, one (1) Rifle Grenade, one (1) Detonating Switch, one (1) Stethoscope, and AK47 Ammunitions. Medicines, personal items, and subversive materials with high intelligence value were also taken by the military.

The government troops and the terrorist group exchanged fire for nine minutes. Because they were in a bad situation, the enemy fled to the north.

According to Lt. Col Aristotle F. Antonio, Acting Commanding Officer of 29IB, “We knew very well that these NPAs have slowly been decreasing in strength and number, and we will continue our intensified operations until they are decimated. We know that the time is already nigh for all of our wayward brothers. And so, our clarion call for all of you remains the same: Surrender now before it becomes too late.”

“My troops and I will continue to welcome those of you who will choose to surrender. So, come down now and start a new bright year with your family. They are all waiting for you to come back to the fold. Don’t worry. We will help you,” Antonio assured.

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