Islamic State claims responsibility for Pakistan attack

Members of the Shiite Hazara community stand around the bodies of the 11 coal miners in the mountainous Machh area of Balochistan province, Pakistan. (Photo courtesy of AFP)

The Islamic State claimed credit for an attack in Baluchistan province early Sunday that killed 11 miners from Pakistan’s minority Shiite Hazaras.

The incident occurred in the Mach area of the Bolan district, around 100 kilometers southeast of Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan.

The miners were kidnapped and driven to surrounding mountains before being blindfolded and having their hands tied behind their backs. They were in a shared residential room near the coal mine where they worked. Their necks had been slit as well.

Six of the miners were already dead when they were discovered, while five others who were badly injured died while being transported to a hospital.

The remains of the miners were scattered over the floor of a small shack, soaked in their own blood, as shown in a horrible video clip making the rounds on WhatsApp groups, reportedly shot by a first responder.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan slammed the assassination of 11 unarmed coal workers as a cowardly and inhuman act of terrorism. He also promised to employ all of his government’s resources to track out the killers.

The Islamic State claimed credit for the attack, which occurred after nearly a year of bloodshed against the largely Shiite Hazara minority in the province, via its Amaq news agency and Telegram communications channel.

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