Civilian stakeholders reach out to C-130 crash victims, local heroes

Photo courtesy of 11th Infantry "Alakdan" Division

Following the tragic C-130 Aircraft Accident on July 4, 2021, another chapter was added to the heartwarming story of “BAYANIHAN” in Sulu on July 19, 2021, as the Philippine Air Force and Joint Task Force Sulu facilitated the giving of support by civilian humanitarians to our compatriots who suffered the most from the ill-fated event.

The Talino at Galing ng Pilipino Party List, which focuses on recognizing, promoting, and providing social and economic opportunities for talented Filipinos, is deserving of our praise for reaching out with financial assistance to residents of Brgy. Bangkal, Patikul, Sulu, namely Sitti Kausar Armin, a nine-year-old girl who suffered burns on her elbows and knees, and the family of Sirma Hakam – who suffered the loss of three family members. The donation was made in the aim of reducing the current difficulties and struggles of individuals involved, even in the smallest way possible.

Ms. Jenny Munar, in her capacity as a private citizen, answered in the same spirit to Mr. Erham Awaluddin, one of Sulu’s celebrated “Tausug Heroes.” Erham was featured in a viral video interview in which he explained how he dropped out of college because he couldn’t afford a laptop, which he needed to keep up with the rigors of his third year at Mindanao State University as an IT major. Ms. Munar was affected by the narrative and reached out to Erham, offering him a new laptop and the promise of additional help to help him get back on track.

The recipients were all overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the civilian community, and they expressed their deepest gratitude to their individual contributors.

They also expressed gratitude to the Tactical Operations Wing Western Mindanao, which, through its Wing Commander, Col. Dennis G. Estrella PAF (GSC), and Group Commander, Togsultaw, LTC Nomar B. Alinsangan PAF (GSC), accepted these generous donations and facilitated their transfer from Manila to this province in Mindanao’s southwest.

They also expressed gratitude to the Joint Task Force Sulu and its Commander, MGen William N. Gonzales AFP, for providing them with all necessary support during this trying period and for spearheading the area’s peace and order.

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