Navy apprehends cargo carrying contraband cigarettes in Basilan

Photo courtesy of Philippine Navy

The joint forces of Naval Task Force (NTF) 61 and Naval Special Operations Unit (NAVSOU) 6 seized almost a thousand boxes of illegal cigarettes onboard the vessel M/L AL Ayessa off the coast of Pilas Island, Basilan on Wednesday night, July 28, 2021.

On the basis of actionable intelligence acquired by the Naval Intelligence and Security Group-Western Mindanao, the Philippine Navy’s (PN) Zamboanga-based operational command deployed NTF61 and NAVSOU6 onboard multi-purpose attack craft BA485.

The apprehended vessel was boarded by Navy officers and transported to Ensign Majini Pier inside Naval Station Romulo Espaldon in Zamboanga City for proper handover to the appropriate agencies.

This successful anti-smuggling operation demonstrated the Navy’s responsibility in aiding other government agencies in implementing maritime laws and securing Philippine marine areas against all types of illicit operations, among other things.

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