NPA rebel slained, landmines discovered in an Eastern Samar encounter

On the outskirts of Borongan City, Eastern Samar, a New People’s Army (NPA) rebel was killed, and anti-personnel mines were confiscated during a skirmish between government troops and the communist group on Sunday.

Soldiers from the Philippine Army’s 78th Infantry Battalion (78IB) were patrolling the rural village of San Andres when they came upon a band of armed insurgents about 8 AM on Sunday, according to the 78th Infantry Battalion.

“A 35-minute firefight ensued between the Army and communist terrorists that resulted in one slain NPA member while there is no casualty on the government side,” the Army said in a statement.

Farmers had complained about extortion actions by the rebels involving threats and intimidation, therefore the military increased their presence in the community.

One M16 rifle with one long magazine and ammo, anti-personnel mines, detonator, rifle grenades, one AK-47 magazine and ammunition, subversive documents, backpacks, and rebel personal things were among the items taken following the gun battle.

Prior to the fight, the troops uncovered minor NPA hideouts early Sunday.

Lt. Col. Oliver Alvior, commander of the Army’s 78IB, has expressed grief over the loss of life “because of a fraudulent and worthless ideology peddled by the NPA terrorists.”

“I extend my most profound sympathy to the family of the slain rebel. Rest assured that he will be given a decent burial through the help of the city government of Borongan”, said Alvior.

“We call the rebels still fighting for their futile ideologies to overthrow the government. We strongly urge you to lay down your arms and submit yourselves to the government before needless bloodshed happens. Your families are waiting for you to live a peaceful life with them,” Alvior added.

The United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines have all designated the CPP-NPA as a terrorist group for its five-decade armed war with the government.

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