Taiwanese Coast Guard orders Chinese fishing boats to leave Taiwan’s eastern territorial waters

CNA photo

Two Chinese fishing boats were chased away by the Coast Guard Administration’s (CGA) eastern branch near Taiwan’s Orchid Island on Saturday (July 31).

The CGA East detected two large Chinese fishing boats mooring 10 nautical miles (18.52 kilometers) from Orchid Island at 6 AM on Saturday, according to the Liberty Times.

The Chinese boats were quickly chased away by a vessel from the CGA’s 15th Offshore Flotilla. The CGA ship transmitted messages directing the fishermen to leave the area, and the boats were escorted out of Taiwanese seas by the CGA ship.

Due to the frequent missile tests conducted in the area by the National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology from late July to mid-August, Chinese fishing boats rarely emerge in Taiwan’s eastern waters this time of year, according to the Liberty Times.

Near Taiwan’s western offshore islands, the majority of illicit fishing events occur.

A Chinese fishing vessel was detained by a CGA patrol boat on June 28 after it failed to halt for inspection. The Chinese crew tried a quick getaway by waving knives and iron rods at the Coast Guard officials, but the officers eventually boarded the vessel after drawing their shotguns.

Onboard, they discovered 760 kilograms of fish, which they released back into the sea.

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