PCG apprehends 4 ‘suspicious’ yachts in MICT

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on Thursday (August 19, 2021) apprehended four yachts in Manila International Container Terminal (MICT) over lack of documents.

The PCG said in a statement on Friday that concerned authorities from various agencies scrutinized the “suspicious” yachts in response to a tip.

The joint law enforcement team held a pre-operation briefing at 2:20 PM on Thursday before traveling to the yachts onboard PCG Metal Shark and PCG Aluminum Boat.

The four suspicious yachts moored at MICT were identified as: Yue Hai Ming Zhu (26.59 meters); Gu Cheng Gang Guan (14.15 meters); Le Boss (around 20 meters); and Yuzhen 8 (around 16.76 meters).

Filipino crew members claiming to be from Boracay were aboard the yachts. They have been recognized as follows:

Angelo Casimero – boat captain (Yue Hai Ming Zhu)

Jerryco Magno – boat captain (Le Boss)

Rio Mar Hormillosa – crew member

Albert Casimero – crew member

Christian Joy Blancaflor – crew member

Banadicto Calinyao – crew member

According to the PCG, authorities discovered no relevant documentation onboard the yachts.

Cristo Uy, a Chinese-Filipino who claimed to be the corporate secretary of the corporation that managed the yachts came at 3:30 p.m.

According to the PCG, Uy failed to produce necessary documentation for the yachts.

The yachts, he claims, were just purchased by the owner. However, in recent transactions, relevant documentation were not supplied.

“Consequently, the subject motor yachts were apprehended,” the PCG said.

The Customs Intelligence and Investigation Services of the Bureau of Customs said it will request a warrant of seizure and detention from the Customs District Collector at the Port of Manila.

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