2 Navy officers help develop country’s first locally produced cube satellites

Photo courtesy of Naval Sea Systems Command

Through the STAMINA4SPACE program funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Lieutenant Marielle M Gregorio PN, Research Chief of the Naval Research and Technology Development Center, participated in the momentous development of the Maya 3 and Maya 4 cube satellites led by the University of the Philippines Diliman Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (UPD-EEEI).

Another Philippine Navy officer, Ltjg Christy A Raterta PN, and six (6) other engineers participated in the development of the country’s locally-built cube satellites.

The STAMINA4Space Program aimed to develop and build cube satellites that would demonstrate nanosatellite-based remote data collection systems and optical imaging, and would benefit the country’s agriculture, environment, disaster risk management, and defense sectors, to name a few.

As part of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) SpaceX Commercial Resupply Mission-23, Maya 3 and Maya 4 were flown to the International Space Station yesterday.

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