Abu Sayyaf member surrenders to Marines in Sulu

Photo courtesy of Striking Battalion

A member of the kidnap-for-ransom/terrorist group Abu Sayyaf surrendered to authorities on Monday, August 30, 2021.

The Marine Battalion Landing Team-7, led by Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Eduard C. Olaso PN(M), collaborated with Mayor Al-Frazier Abdurajak of the Municipality of Panamao, Sulu, to facilitate the surrender.

Hamja Hajirol Hambali @ KAMLUN, the surrenderer, handed up his Caliber .45 pistol. In Patikul, KAMLUN was headed by Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) leader Radullan Sahiron. Later, KAMLUN joined the ASG sub-group operating at the Bud Bawis Complex in Panamao, which was led by Sansibar Bencio and the late Hairulla Abduraja.

“The surrender of KAMLUN is indeed the result of our concerted effort with LGU Panamao in encouraging other active ASG members to go back into the folds of the law to sustain our peacebuilding efforts,” acknowledged Lt. Col. Olaso.

Mayor Abdurajak emphasized, “The local government of Panamao will give its best effort in the comprehensive mainstreaming of our surrenderers with the available national government and municipal ELAC programs.”

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