PH finalizes purchase for comprehensive naval warfare systems from Israel

Shaldag MK V. Israel Shipyards photo

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Co. Ltd. (Rafael), an Israeli defense company, has been awarded a contract for over $80 million to supply a full naval warfare systems suite to a navy in a yet to be disclosed Southeast Asian country.

The equipment will be fitted on Israel Shipyards’ Shaldag V fast attack crafts, which will be completed in three years for the Southeast Asian country.

Combat Management Systems (CMS), Typhoon and Mini Typhoon remote operating weapon systems (RCWS), Naval Spike missiles, Sea-Com Internal Communications Systems, and BNet tactical data link, as well as additional components and full maintenance and support services, are all included in the deal.

A page dedicated to Philippine defense,¬† MaxDefense Philippines,¬†revealed that Rafael’s naval warfare systems are for the Philippine Navy (PN), which has a contract with Israel Shipyards for the supply of nine Shaldag V fast attack craft and has also given Rafael a contract for the combat systems.

Rafael was deemed the winning supplier for the Philippine Navy’s Fast Attack Interdiction Craft – Missile Capable Lot 2 Weapon Systems project, with an offer of US$79.38 million, according to the report.

Rafael was awarded the contract in January 2021, while Israel Shipyards was awarded a separate project lot for US$127.9 million to deliver 8 Shaldag V fast attack craft, as well as technology transfer to facilitate local production at the Philippine Navy’s shipyard. Israel Shipyards is alleged to have thrown in one extra boat in the contract.

All boats are expected to be outfitted with one Typhoon RCWS equipped with a 30mm Bushmaster II gun and two Mini Typhoon RCWS equipped with 12.7mm heavy machine guns. At least four of the boats will be equipped with the Spike MLS-NLOS missile launcher, which will be armed with Spike NLOS missiles.

The Shaldag V boats will be equipped with Rafael’s Spike NLOS surface-to-surface missile, which is capable of destroying small fast moving boats, shore targets like as bunkers and armored vehicles, and damaging bigger ships.

On three of the Philippine Navy’s Multi-Purpose Attack Crafts (MPACs), the Mini Typhoon RCWS mounts and Typhoon MLS-ER with the shorter-ranged Spike-ER missiles are already in use, and Rafael has a contract to supply comparable armament systems to three more MPACs.

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