Unknown aircraft spotted in Sorsogon’s airspace


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On the morning of September 2, exactly 6:15 AM, an unknown aircraft, which appeared to be a stealth bomber, was observed in the skies of Santa Magdalena, Sorsogon, the same day two FA-50s were dispatched to intercept an unknown contact north east of Pangasinan.

At first impression, the aircraft pictured resembles the one observed in last November’s alleged sighting of the RQ-180 Sentinel high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE), low observable (stealthy) unmanned aircraft flying high over the Mojave Desert north of Edwards Air Force Base in California.

The RQ-180 is assumed to be in extremely limited use right now as it continues its covert development. It would make sense to fly the plane in this part of the world because it is exactly the type of climate it was built to operate in, but it might also be transiting to another destination, such as the United States.

Some speculate that it is a stealth bomber (Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit), an American heavy strategic bomber with low visible stealth technology designed to penetrate dense anti-aircraft defenses.

Designed during the Cold War, stealth bomber is a flying wing design with a crew of two. It is subsonic and can deploy both conventional and thermonuclear weapons, such as up to eighty 500-pound class (230 kg) Mk 82 JDAM GPS-guided bombs, or sixteen 2,400-pound (1,100 kg) B83 nuclear bombs. The B-2 is the only known aircraft that can carry large air-to-surface standoff weapons in a stealth configuration.

Others claim it’s China’s enigmatic H-20 strategic bomber, which boasts a stealthy flying wing design that allows it to strike targets in the second island chain and beyond without airborne refueling while carrying at least 10 tons of payload.

According to Fu Qianshao, an air defense expert, China’s strategic bomber should have a range of at least 12,000 kilometers and a payload capacity of 20 tons.

According to Fu, the bomber has a better stealth defense capability and performance than the B-2.

Other assertions have been made about the type of the aircraft that fly over Sorsogon’s airspace this week, as seen in the photo below. However, no one knows the answers as of yet. We can only speculate for the time being. Could it be a trial run of a super-secret and very powerful stealth plane of the United States, Russia or China?

Photo courtesy of Michael Fugnit

As previously said, this comes after the Philippine Air Force (PAF) reported on Saturday that fighter jets were dispatched to intercept a ‘unknown aircraft’ heading toward the country’s airspace on September 2. However the location is very different from the report as the PAF stated that the Philippine Defense Control Center (PADCC) spotted an unidentified inbound aircraft within the Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone (PADIZ), roughly 120 nautical miles north west of Bolinao, Pangasinan.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) designated the inbound aircraft as a “unknown track of interest,” according to the PAF.

As a result, the PAF gave two FA-50 jets stationed at the ADCC a “scramble” order and assigned them the job of intercepting the unknown aircraft for visual identification. Furthermore, the PAF stated that the unknown aircraft was flying north east at 21,000 feet at 265 knots. According to the report, the FA-50s flew at their maximum permissible speed in the direction of the unknown aircraft.

The unknown aircraft altered heading towards the north, increased its speed to 400 knots, and headed away from Philippine airspace around four minutes into the intercept, it claimed, adding that the intercept was stopped at 9:45 AM.

“In past decades, aircraft flying without clearance would willfully violate the Philippine airspace knowing that they will not be challenged; today our airspace is being closely monitored jointly by the Philippine Air Force and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines,” the PAF said.


  1. So this means that we have aircraft that can intercept other foreign aircraft flying over the Philippine airspace. In that case perhaps we can monitor drones flying as well.

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