Army back efforts to quell deadly rido in Sultan Kudarat

Photo courtesy of 37IB - Conqueror Battalion

The 37th Infantry “Conqueror” Battalion took part in a coordinated attempt to end a week-long armed conflict in Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat, between feuding BIAF-MILF units. Armed battles broke out in Barangay Kanipaan and Barangay Barongis on August 23, 2021, resulting in a number of casualties on both sides and the displacement of civilians.

The armed confrontation was eventually ended thanks to the combined efforts of LGU-Palimbang, Religious sector representatives, MILF and MNLF leaders, Joint CCCH, 603rd IBde, 37th IB, and the PNP. BIAF conflicting groups eventually agreed to stop fighting, return to their towns, and work toward a long-term settlement to their internal issue.

The 37IB pledged its unwavering support for all attempts to find a long-term settlement to the dispute. The Conqueror Troopers also agreed to participate in a proposal to establish a Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Post in Palimbang, which will be critical in resolving rido incidents in the town.

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