Navy conducts Joint Amphibious Operations on land and at sea during Exercise Pagbubuklod 2021

Photo courtesy of The Philippine Fleet

The Philippine Fleet, under the command of RADM Alberto B. Carlos PN, Commander Philippine Fleet, conducted a joint amphibious operation on land and at sea on Thursday, September 16, 2021, at Marine Base Gregorio Lim, Ternate, Cavite, as part of the Exercise “PAGBUBUKLOD.”

The goal of Exercise Pagbubuklod is to evaluate the Command’s organizational structure, operational concepts, and published doctrines that address the current and future operational scenarios.

Amphibious assault/raid, insertion/extraction, amphibious sealift, tactical sealift, force protection capability, support and sustainment, afloat command and control, Maritime Search and Rescue, shipboard helicopter operations (HELOPS), and casualty evacuation operations (CASEVAC) are some of the major events that have been conducted.

BRP Jose Rizal (FF150), BRP Bagobo (LC293), BRP Manobo (LC297), BN ISLANDER Aircraft, Navy Helicopter, AW109, Multi-purpose Boat Attack (BA)492, BA493, BA494, Philippine Marine Corps, Naval Special Operations Command special operations team, Naval Combat Engineering Brigade, and PN reservist took part in the activity.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Fleet has stated that all face-to-face activities during Exercise PAGBUBUKLOD 2021 will be conducted in strict accordance with the health regulations established by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on COVID-19. All of the participants were also given the green light.

Exercise PAGBUBUKLOD will be able to focus efforts and capabilities toward a single purpose, giving the organization a moral compass for how prepared and equipped they are to deal with traditional and non-traditional challenges. It will also aid in the development of standards in the performance of their prescribed work, resulting in doctrinally sound, responsive, and goal-oriented decisions and actions.

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