BRP Jose Rizal performs simulation scenarios in accordance with Pagbubuklod 2021 Exercise objective

Photo credits to BRP Jose Rizal FF150

BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150) executes simulated scenarios for Anti-Ship Missile Defense Maneuver, Air Craft Control Vectoring, Over The Horizon Targeting, and Air Defense Exercise with the Philippine Navy (PN)’s Islander Aircraft and AW109 Helicopter.

The simulated engagement with Surface-to-Surface and Surface-to-Air missiles, 76MM Super Rapid Gun, 30MM Stabilized Gun, and Decoy Launch System is the highlight of the scenario.

This simulated scenario aligns with the Pagbubuklod 2021 Exercise’s objective of forming and assessing Surface Action Group Proficiency in conducting naval operations.

Exercise Pagbubuklod is an annual maritime exercise conducted by the Philippine Fleet to further enhance the interoperability and readiness of PN units to address traditional and non-traditional threats.


  1. Nice one step by step untel achieve the final minimum cridible defence of our AFP now moving forward and sustained all exercise about oue new asset of Philippines fleet once again Congrats to continuing to depend our mother land any unexpected nesicary consequences

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