Philippine Marine Corps joins Exercise Pagbubuklod 2021

Photo Credit: FPAO

The Philippine Marine Corps took part in the annual unilateral Philippine Navy Exercise “Pagbubuklod” 2021.

The exercise was designed to improve the interoperability and readiness of Fleet and Marine units, as well as reserve forces, in dealing with current and future traditional and non-traditional challenges.

MGen. R. Caculitan PN(M), the Marine Commandant, emphasized the need of this interoperability training in order to fully execute the Marine Corps Operating Concept, Archipelagic Coastal Defense, and the Command Thrust, SMARTER Marine Corps.

The drill included Marines from the 9th Marine Battalion/MARU and the Force Reconnaissance Group. They were part of the Amphibious Landing Force, which carried out amphibious landings ashore in the littoral.

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