Western Visayas Navy Reservists plant trees in Bondari Peak

Photo courtesy of Naval Forces Central

Naval Forces Central, through the 523rd Naval Squadron Reserve-3rd Company based in Ormoc City, planted trees in Bondari Peak, Brgy. Masaba 2, Matag-ob, Leyte on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

Twenty-five (25) naval reservists, in collaboration with the Bernie G. Tacoy (BGT) Foundation and Bondari Peak employees, planted mahogany tree seedlings in the aforementioned region.

Trees aid in the fight against global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, extracting and storing carbon, and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. By absorbing hundreds of litres of stormwater, they help to minimize flooding and soil erosion. Our units contribute to global reforestation efforts by planting more trees, recovering lost forests, rehabilitating damaged ecosystems, and mitigating climate change.

The Navy in the Visayas promotes the importance and benefits of planting trees in order to achieve a more sustainable future.

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