Army continues medical support in NCR hospitals

Photo courtesy of Philippine Army

The Philippine Army continues its support to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Department of Health (DOH) through the deployment of another two (2) medical teams to aid the hospitals in the National Capital Region (NCR) dealing with patients suffering from COVID-19.

The said effort complies with President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to the AFP to assist hospitals catering to Covid-19 patients that need additional manpower to boost their capability.

The Philippine Army organized two (2) teams composed of one (1) doctor and four (4) nurses per team to be deployed in the said mission.

Recently, the Philippine Army also deployed four (4) medical teams as augmentation to One Hospital Command managed by the AFP Medical Team and the DOH. The said teams were deployed to JTF-NCR- Ninoy Aquino Stadium Swabbing Center; JTF-NCR-Bagong Nayong Pilipino Isolation Facility; JTF-NCR-Rizal Memorial Coliseum Isolation facility; and, at the One Hospital Command Center.

The Philippine Army also took part in the deployment of medical teams in Cebu and Davao in 2020 to help their medical front-liners with their fight against the deadly virus.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Army supports the AFP in expediting the processing of appointments for newly-recruited military doctors and nurses to enhance its medical capabilities.

Lt. Gen. Andres C. Centino, the Commanding General of the Philippine Army, expressed his support for the deployment of medical personnel to hospitals in NCR that needs additional health workers to help them take care of Covid-19 patients.

“We support the government by providing Army medical personnel to assist the hospitals in NCR and other parts of the country dealing with COVID-19 patients. The Philippine Army is always ready to extend services to our people, especially during these trying times,” said Lt. Gen. Centino. — Philippine Army

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