Naval Forces Central conducts interagency naval training exercise

Photo courtesy of Philippine Navy

Naval Forces Central’s Naval Task Force 50 units successfully performed the At-Sea events of Exercise Kadagatan 2021, themed “Interagency Collaboration for a Secured Visayas,” in the Cebu-Mactan area on Thursday (October 7, 2021).

BRP Tausog (LC295), BRP Abraham Campo (PC396), 5th Patrol Boat Division (PB356 and PB358), Naval Special Operating Unit (NAVSOU) 5, Philippine National Police – Regional Maritime Unit (PNP-RMU) 7, Coast Guard District – Central Visayas (PNP-CV), and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) 7 were among the NFC units and other Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies (MLEAs) who carried out the exercise.

Interoperability, camaraderie, and collaboration in the performance of interagency operations are all goals of the exercise. This is also to familiarize themselves with the procedures of various law enforcement authorities in order to produce a single standard method for future reference.

The naval drill included a photo exercise, a communication exercise, a visit, a board, a search and seizure, a maritime patrol, a maritime interdiction operation, a maritime air surveillance operation, and a maritime law enforcement operation.

During the at-sea activities, there were three scenarios. In the first scenario, while performing marine patrol, PN units and BFAR7 saw illicit fishing activities. Immediate action was taken, and the civilian fishing boat, as well as his crew, was captured. The second scenario saw PN troops working jointly with CGD-CV to combat illegal drug activities and guns possession. Finally, NAVSOU5 and PNP-RMU7 replied to a hostage-taking inject.

The joint naval training exercise was successfully executed and performed thanks to the collaborative efforts of all participants. The marine guardians of the Visayan sea will stay swift and ready to respond to any maritime problems as a result of this exercise, as well as continuing to promote peace and security among the Visayan people.

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