Navy saves 2 stranded fishermen in Cebu-Mactan Channel

While moored at Captain Veloso Pier, Naval Base Rafael Ramos, duty personnel on watch of BRP Abraham Campo (PC396) and BRP Fort San Felipe (AGS 700) spotted a drifting capsized banca and noticed two fishermen floating in the vicinity seawaters of the Cebu-Mactan Channel in the afternoon of October 12, 2021.

Immediately, Duty personnel on watch of PC396 immediately tossed a life ring with rope to the fishermen. One of the fisherman was rescued from the water by the crew of PC396. The other fisherman drifted into BRP Fort San Felipe (AGS-700), where he was rescued by BRP Fort San Felipe (AGS-700) soldiers.

Mr. Ronnie Catubay, 52, and Mr. Nelson Benta-en, 52, both married and residents of Brgy. Looc, Lapu-Lapu City, were identified as the two fishermen. They were provided with food and clothing. The fisherman were given the banca that had been recovered.

With the current weather conditions and the potential onslaught of Typhoons Maring and Nando while in the Philippine area of responsibility, the fishermen were urged not to set sail.

Our sailors’ eagerness to support and assist their comrades in the case of a man-made or natural calamity is demonstrated by the Navy’s fast response.

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