BRP Andres Bonifacio commends 2 female personnel for their significant accomplishments at work

Photo courtesy of BRP Andres Bonifacio PS17- PF

Two female personnel from the BRP Andres Bonifacio (PS17) have been recognized for exceeding expectations and upholding standards while performing their responsibilities in accordance with their shipboard ratings.

Women have made significant progress in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) throughout the years. They are valuable assets that the organization should look after because of their important contributions in the workplace. Similarly, BRP Andres Bonifacio embraces each Katipunera’s duty, providing them with every opportunity in their fields of labor.

Look at how Team PS17 applauds these two Katipuneras for upholding the standards by performing their duties in accordance with their shipboard ratings.

Charmaine B. Malle PN, a Seaman Second Class Boatswainmate (S2BM), performed as a Landing Signalling Enlisted (LSE) during an actual Flight Quarters Operations.

S2BM Malle PN is also a qualified Small Boat Operations Coxswain.

Bryll Suzane B. Espiritu PN, a Fireman Second Class Machinery Repairman (F2MR), performs hot work aboard PS17 while working for the Damage Control Division.

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