Army Reservists donate blood to save lives in Agusan Del Sur

Photo courtesy of Philippine Army

Philippine Army reservists of the 1502nd Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion (1502RRIBn) under the 1502nd Community Defense Center (1502CDC) of the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM), Philippine Army participated in a multi-sector blood donation drive in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur today, October 22, 2021.

The blood drive was a collaborative effort in which additional partners such as Philippine Normal University – Mindanao Campus, Philippine Red Cross, Clean Inc. The activity was attended by the PNP Agusan del Sur, Radio Natin FM, Timberland Masonic Lodge No. 219, and the Barangay Council of San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

The activity achieved two key objectives, according to Lt. Col. Maria Teresa Baylon (Res), Commanding Officer of the 1502RRIBn: collecting blood to save people’s lives and the solidarity and coordination displayed by many sectors in achieving a noble cause.

“We are happy with the response of our partners who answered our call of cooperation and collaboration to accomplish something that will help our people. Just like us in 1502RRIBn, we are volunteers, but we are happy to contribute to nation-building as an answer to the call of the Commanding General, Philippine Army, for the reservist soldiers to help in the non-combat mission of the organization,” shared Lt. Col. Baylon.

Meanwhile, Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Andres C. Centino, the Commanding General, acknowledged the services of the army reserve force while ensuring that reserve units would receive adequate support for capability development.

“The reserve force is our force multiplier. As our regular soldiers are focused on defeating the communist terrorist group before the end of the President’s term, our reserve force is helping us in humanitarian assistance, disaster response, and other non-combat missions. It is just fitting that the Army will empower them by providing their need for capability development,” Lt. Gen Centino said.

The Philippine Red Cross received 78 bags of blood with a volume of 450 cubic centimeters from the donors. The blood will be processed and kept in their blood bank for use in various Agusan del Sur hospitals.

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