Army band conductor showcases musical virtuoso in junior recital

Photo courtesy of Philippine Army

Staff Sgt. Jay Lord Corpuz, the Philippine Army (PA) Band Conductor, exhibited his musical prowess in a three-piece recital performance at the Philippine Army Officers’ Club House on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

The performance is one of the prerequisites for Staff Sgt. Corpuz’s professional music diploma at London College of Music in the United Kingdom. The performance included members of the Philippine National Police Band, Philippine Coast Guard Symphonic Band, Philippine Air Force Band, Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center Band, Armed Forces of the Philippines Civil Relations Band, and the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra French Horn soloist Dondon Lucena also took part in the performance.

Staff Sgt. Corpuz, a musician since the age of twelve, has garnered numerous awards from both the military and civilian sectors. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree in French Horn instrument at the University of Sto. Tomas Conservatory of Music. In 2002, he enlisted in the Philippine Army, where he honed his conducting talents while on the service.

The PA Band is a prestigious military musical group that performs at Army Command ceremonies, President’s engagements, and foreign dignitaries. They’re also performing online every Friday via its Facebook page, called “JAMdemic,” to provide entertainment and boost people’s morale in the midst of the pandemic.

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