Army reservists undergo two-week Field Artillery training in Davao Oriental

Photo courtesy of 2nd Field Artillery "First Round Accuracy" Battalion, AAR, PA

A team of 50 reservists participated in the two-week Field Artillery Organizational Training on October 30, 2021, at the 11th Regional Community Defense Group (11RCDG) Headquarters in Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental.

The training, according to 11RCDG Commander Col. Ruben Matillano, will enable field artillery reservists to effectively operate 105mm howitzers and be operationally ready in emergencies. He added that the training will also prepare reserve troops for eventual incorporation into the active army.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. Andres C. Centino, the Philippine Army’s Commanding General, emphasized the importance of reservists as a critical component of the Philippine Army.

“While our regular troops are focusing on ending the festering insurgency problem, our reservists are serving the people through non-combat missions and other nation-building endeavors. It is just fitting that the Army empowers them through capability development programs,” said the CGPA.

The Army now has about 45,000 ready reserves and 681,000 standby reserves to assist with humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and other non-combat tasks.

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