NPA leader surrenders in Davao Oriental

A top Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) leader on Sunday, November 7, 2021, surrendered to government forces thanks to the troops of the 701st Brigade’s relentless Focus Military Operation.

Following an armed struggle with enemy forces in Davao Oriental, Jocy Villaruel Papasin, also known as Domai, surrendered to the forces of the 66th Infantry Battalion. Domai yielded to the soldiers due to her exhaustion induced by her pregnancy. Soldiers promptly administered her with first aid and took her to Mati City for further medical treatment.

Meanwhile, the 66IB troops scoured the battleground. They seized an M653 rifle with 15 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, a makeshift 12 gauge shotgun, two fully loaded Glock pistol, and several personal items.

The Commanding General Philippine Army (CGPA), Lt. Gen. Andres C. Centino, praised the troops for their persistently focused military actions.

“Continue the focused military operations, as the enemies are getting tired and hungry. The Philippine Army will continue to provide you with needed resources to enhance further your capability in fighting the state enemies,” said Lt. Gen. Centino.

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