Navy provides 57 student reservists with shipboard familiarization and drills

Photo courtesy of BRP Abraham Campo (PC396)

A two-day shipboard familiarization and drills were successfully conducted by the Naval Reserve Center – Eastern Visayas (NRCen-EV) and BRP Abraham Campo (PC396). From November 6-7, 2021, 57 student-reservists under the guidance of NRCen-EV engaged in familiarization training.

The student reservists were given a unit briefing, departmental orientation, familiarization tour, and shipboard evolution drills by PC396. This is to provide information as a Navy sailor while in port and on the move.

Special Sea Detail, Piloting, Fire at Sea, Emergency Steering Casualty, and Man Overboard were among the operational and emergency drills that the student reservists were able to see and participate in. Lectures and demonstrations allowed ship’s crew to share their knowledge and experience. Student reservists were able to see the ship’s routines and operations firsthand during this integration training, which will be useful in their future roles as members of the PN reserve force.

Naval Forces Central continues to organize, train, and equip aspiring Reservists with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes as members of the Philippine Navy and Armed Forces of the Philippines through the Naval Reserve Center – Eastern Visayas. It was carried out in accordance with IATF biosafety and health regulations in the face of a COVID-19 pandemic.

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