Philippine Army’s 201IB neutralize 3 NPAs in Quezon province

After multiple encounters in different parts of Quezon province from November 13 to 18, 2021, operating forces from the 201st Infantry Brigade neutralized three New People’s Army insurgents.

After four encounters against the enemy forces, the troops seized an M16 rifle, an M653 rifle, three Caliber.45, an anti-personnel mine, a hand grenade, a medical kit with assorted medicines, 77 ammunitions for 5.56mm, a short magazine for Armalite, two magazines for M14, food, personal belongings, and subversive documents from the encounter sites.

The team contacted the remaining members of the Communist Terrorist Groups, urging them to surrender and return to the law. The people’ cooperation in the Army’s pursuit of peace and development was also appreciated.

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