Army troops seize NPA arms cache in South Cotabato

Operating troops from the 38th Infantry Battalion and the 5th Special Forces Battalion uncovered an arms cache consisting of two 5.56 mm M16 Bushmaster rifles at the border of Brgy. Basag and Brgy. Kematu, both in T’boli, South Cotabato on Friday, November 19, 2021.

The feat, according to Lt. Col. Anhouvic Atilano, was made possible thanks to the citizens of the abovementioned barangays, who have consistently reported the presence of armed elements moving through their towns.

He went on to say that in addition to the guns, operations forces confiscated war materials and subversive documents.

“The initiative of the residents is an indication that the community have now waken up from the lies and propaganda of the NPAs. They now want their communities free from the threats of the Communist Terrorists,” Lt. Col. Atilano added.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Juvymax Uy praised the security forces’ and civilians’ cooperation in T’Boli, South Cotabato.

“Let us continue to strengthen our partnership to ultimately guard our communities from the atrocities of the communist terrorists. Our desire of lasting peace is within sight,” Maj. Gen Uy said, urging the NPA remnants to return to the folds of the law and live peaceful lives with their families.

38IB is now in charge of the seized firearms, which will be documented and properly disposed of.

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