Army takes part in nationwide 3-day COVID-19 vaccination drive

Photo courtesy of Philippine Army

The Philippine Army supports the government’s effort to safeguard the people from the threat of COVID-19 by participating in its nationwide three-day immunization drive.

From November 29 to December 1, 2021, the Philippine Army deployed two medical teams through the Army General Hospital (AGH) to assist in the administration of vaccines in Metro Manila.

Col. Jonna Dalaguit, Commanding Officer of the AGH, said that “each medical team is composed of five members with a doctor and nurses trained to handle vaccinations of civilian populations in areas identified by the DOH.”

Col. Dalaguit also urges individuals who have not yet been immunized to do so in order to protect themselves from the deadly disease.

“To those who have not yet received their doses, get vaccinated because it will shield you from the adverse effects of COVID-19,” Col. Dalaguit said.

The Philippine Army Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) across the country are also participating in the three-day national immunization campaign. At least 13 medical teams across the country aided the government’s vaccination centers.

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