BRP Jose Rizal conducts exercises with Pakistan Navy’s most advanced frigate

The Philippine Navy’s multi-capable frigate BRP Jose Rizal (FF150) and the Pakistan Navy’s most advanced frigate, PNS Tughril (F-261), took part in Passing Exercises (PASSEX) off Matinloc Platform, El Nido, Palawan on Friday, November 26, 2021.

Various naval exercises such as Semaphore Exercise (SEMAPHOREX), Flag Hoisting Exercise (FLAGEX), and simple maneuvers were also included in the exercise to assess both ships’ ability in ship-handling and seamanship.

In the spirit of excellent partnership and strong connections between the two nations, BRP Jose Rizal recognized PNS Tughril as the crew performed man the rail, as a customary tradition for all navies.

The Philippine Navy’s persistent commitment to promoting peace, mutual respect, and stability throughout the Indo-Pacific region is demonstrated through this bilateral naval exercise. This is a tribute to our maritime nation’s safety and security.

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