Local terrorist neutralized in Maguindanao encounter

In the early hours of December 1, 2021, the military and members of the Daulah Islamiyah-Tureife Group engaged in combat.

At Sitio Ulangkaya, Barangay Ganta, Shariff Saydona Mustapha, Maguindanao, soldiers and intelligence operatives from the Joint Task Force Central were on patrol when they came across the enemies.

“Upon arrival in the area, troops were fired upon by the DI-TG members under Hassan Indal, a.k.a. Katrina. Our troops retaliated, resulting in an exchange of gunfires which lasted for about five minutes,” said Lt. Gen. Alfredo Rosario, Jr., Commander of WestMinCom.

The local militants were forced to withdraw and flee due to the government forces’ superior firepower.

“While scouring the area, our troops recovered one enemy cadaver, one 5.56mm rifle, one bandoleer, 189 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, four short and three long magazines for M16, two cellphones, and one suppressor,” said Maj. Gen. Juvymax Uy, Commander of Joint Task Force Central.

Hassan Indal’s son, a.k.a. Adsam, was eventually identified as the assassinated foe. Troops are still pursuing the fleeing enemies.

“Congratulations to our troops for a job well done. We expect that more enemies were injured due to the bloodstains that scampered in the area,” Maj. Gen. Uy added.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. Rosario, Jr. stated that the military will not cease operations until all terrorists have been eliminated.

“Our soldiers are out there hunting for those who refuse to return to the fold of the law and continue to wreak havoc in the communities, hence, I enjoin everyone to continuously support our troops in this fight to eliminate the terror groups in the Mindanao region.

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