Army troops overpower a CNT encampment, seizes explosives in Lanao del Sur

Photo courtesy of 5th Infantry DUTY BOUND Battalion

On the early hours of December 5, 2021, operating forces of the 5th Infantry Battalion overran a CPP-NPA Terrorist (CNT) encampment in the hinterlands of Maguing, Lanao Del Sur, after an hour-long firefight.

IEDs, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and subversive documents, as well as six 20-liter containers of rice and other food items, were recovered by troops. They also demolished the rebels’ fortifications, which were used as cover and shelter by the enemy.

Lt. Col. Romulus Rabara praised Maguing residents for giving crucial information that led to the operation’s success.

“Our troops will continue to be relentless in pursuing the communist terrorists here in Lanao Del Sur no matter what the odds are,” Rabara remarked.

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