98IB welcomes 2022 with a score against CTG

Troops from the 98th Infantry Battalion recovered an arms cache owned by communist terrorist group (CTG) remnants in Sitio Nursery, Barangay Disulap, San Mariano, Isabela on January 1, 2022.

Residents of the area provided information on where the remnants of the CTG are hiding their weapons. The troops acted quickly after receiving the information, recovering two M16 A1 rifles, one improvised Garand rifle, and a clip of ammunition.

The residents claimed that they provided the information so that CTG members would not approach their barangay. This is also a sign that they do not want the terrorist group to be present in their community. They also stated that sharing information is a shared responsibility for achieving peace and progress in their community.

MGen Laurence E. Mina, Commander of the Philippine Army’s 5th Infantry Division, expressed his gratitude to the locals for their assistance in ending the local communist armed conflict.

“You have saved the troops and other innocent civilians that may be victims of that weapons. Thank you for continuously providing information that helps in protecting the people against the threat of the terrorist group,” MGen. Mina said.

“Let us all continue to work hand in hand in achieving peace and inclusive development for our community, our family, and for the future generations,” the general ended.

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