4 Abu Sayyaf members surrender, yield firearms in Sulu

by Chari Santos

Four Abu Sayaff Group (ASG) members voluntarily surrendered to 1101st Infantry Brigade of the 11th Infantry Division, with the support of government inter-agencies and stakeholders facilitated by 2nd Special Forces Battalion on July 20 and 21, 2020.

ASG member Albamir Hajimulla, 21 years old, was presented by Colonel Antonio I. Bautista Jr., Commander of 1101st Infantry Brigade to Mayor Hadji Munib S. Estino at Panglima Estino Municipal Office in Sulu on July 20, 2020.

Other ASG members, namely; Merjamin Oppih, 25 years old; Julkamar Alih, 34 years old; and Alpad H. Mangkabong, 22 years old, formerly under the late ASG sub leader Alhabsi Misaya were also presented to Mayor Al-Khadar T. Loong at Parang Municipal Office in Sulu on July 21, 2020.

They surrendered and brought along with them three high-powered rifles to the Municipal Task Forces- Ending the Local Armed Conflict (MTF-ELAC) for the benefits and programs.

Colonel Bautista welcomed Hajimulla, Oppih, Alih and Magkabong back to the mainstream society. “This will be the start of your new life. Do something that will help the people and the local government to strengthen the call for peace and prosperity in Sulu. Your actions starting today, will also contribute for the outcomes of our future,” he said.

Colonel Bautista also thanked the local government of Parang and Panglima Estino, stakeholders and the community for the said achievement. “I highly appreciate the continuous the efforts of Mayor Estino and Mayor Loong, and the inter-agency committees of TF-ELAC in helping the outlaws go back to their normal lives. Without your commitment, this would never happen,” he added.

Major General Corleto S. Vinluan Jr., PA, Commander of Joint Task Force Sulu and 11th Infantry Division lauded the 1101st Infantry Brigade with its achievements and sincerity for the people of Sulu.

~Press release and photos courtesy of 11th Infantry “Alakdan Troopers” Division, Philippine Army

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