AFP Chief Commends 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Dons Representative Siao as Lieutenant Colonel in Army Reserve

by Warren Ryan Revoltar

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff General Gilbert Gapay lauded the men and women of 2nd Mechanized Infantry “Magbalantay” Brigade for their contribution to maintaining peace and order in their area of responsibility (AOR) during his visit in their headquarters at Iligan City on October 9, 2020.

He was warmly welcomed with fitting military honors by the Commander of 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Facundo Palafox Jr. The AFP Chief was also briefed by BGen Palafox with the operational updates and accomplishments of the unit in their AOR.

The AFP Chief lauded the brigade for being instrumental in bringing peace and development in the area, especially during the formation of Bangsamoro Administrative Region in Muslim Mindanao and the signing of Bangsamoro Organic Law.

“The role of 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade has been very instrumental in the success of BARMM and in the passage of BOL because we were able to keep at bay the armed component of other armed groups, and forge the peace agreement with the government,” General Gapay said.

General Gapay also commended the brigade for their various accomplishments especially in law enforcement operations and their active partnership with the Philippine National Police.

“In terms of law enforcement, 2nd Mechanized Brigade made a huge contribution in supporting the PNP in anti-crime activities, and recently we have some accomplishments in neutralizing syndicate groups which are involved in drugs, in kidnapping, carnapping, and in other illegal activities,” General Gapay added.

The 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade also presented to General Gapay several firearms that were surrendered, captured, or confiscated during the brigade’s law enforcement and combat operations.

During his visit, the donning of ranks ceremony for Representative Frederick Siao of the Lone District of Iligan City was also held. The representative was commissioned in the reserve force with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

General Gapay also recalled how Representative Siao has been instrumental in the mission accomplishment of the brigade.

“He is truly a very good and close partner of 2nd Mechanized Brigade and he has contributed and helped a lot on why we have also accomplished so much, we are very proud that we have him in the reserve force,” General Gapay said.

Before the AFP Chief concluded his visit, he assured the brigade that he and the General Headquarters will always have their full support, and once again reiterated his commendations to the men and women of the unit on their accomplishments especially in terms of maintaining peace and order in Northern Mindanao.

“The 2nd Mechanized Infantry “Magbalantay” Brigade has contributed much, significantly to the overall mission accomplishment of not only of the 1st Infantry “Tabak” Division, Western Mindanao Command, but the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines, The 2nd Mechanized Brigade has contributed a lot in our mission, especially in internal security operations, we have really maintained the peace and established an environment fit for sustainable development in our AOR,” General Gapay concluded. — Press release courtesy of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

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