AFP chief commends commanders for containing the spread of COVID-19 in their ranks

by Warren Ryan Revoltar

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief-of-staff Gen. Gilbert Gapay on Saturday lauded all commanders of military units in the country for containing the spread of COVID-19 in their ranks.

“Our Commanders and Chiefs of Offices have done a great job in enforcing social distancing measures and strict health protocols inside camps, in turn keeping our military and civilian personnel able to perform their respective duties,” he said.

Gapay made the statement after noting that Covid-19 admitted cases in the AFP have dropped to 307 last October 23 compared to the 1,327 reported in early September.

Among the active cases are 256 military personnel admitted in military treatment facilities nationwide, while there are 19 civilian personnel and 32 dependents receiving treatment.

“The AFP is enhancing our safety and health protocols and other measures to protect the best interest and well-being of our soldiers, particularly those in the front-lines. Our troops’ health will always be of utmost importance as we continue to preserve the AFP’s fighting strength to help the country win over this battle,” Gapay said.

He also acknowledged the hard work of personnel performing various tasks supporting the national government’s efforts to contain the pandemic.

Over 13,800 military personnel, reservists, and auxiliary personnel are deployed nationwide, manning community quarantine assistance stations, quarantine areas, various ports, and testing facilities.

A total of 15 vessels of the Philippine Navy and seven aircraft of the Philippine Air Force have transported over 1.7 million kilos of cargo.

“We want to let our people know that they really have an Armed Forces that is truly dependable and reliable and can be called upon in any time of need or crisis. One that is also versatile to perform various missions and adapt to different situations from peacetime, crisis, conflict, and even address a pandemic,” Gapay said.

He also noted the AFP’s sacrifices had been duly recognized by the public, citing the 90-percent public satisfaction rating, highest among government agencies, the Armed Forces received in June.

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