ASG member yields to marine troops in Sulu

by Warren Ryan Revoltar

Another member of the known terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), yielded to the Marine troops of Marine Battalion Landing Team-1 under the Naval Task Group Sulu/ 4th Marine Brigade in Panamao, Sulu on Monday, December 28, 2020.

The Marine Intelligence personnel identified the individual as Akri Bauddin Abdulhamsi, who was allegedly linked to the late ASG Sub-leader Hairula Abduraja.

Abdulhamsi turned over his M16A1 rifle to the Marine troops during his surrender and also confessed that he started as a logistical courier for the terrorist group sometime in 2019. Accordingly, he thereafter became a full-time member after his involvement in an armed encounter with the Marine Forces last December 2019 in Bud Bawis Complex, Panamao, Sulu.

LTCOL MARVIN T SALVAN PN(M), the Commanding Officer of the Marine Battalion Landing Team-1 (MBLT-1), facilitated the surrender of the said ASG member who was subsequently presented to COL HERNANIE S SONGANO PN(M)(GSC), the Commander of the Naval Task Group Sulu/ 4th Marine Brigade.

COL SONGANO lauded the Marine troops of MBLT-1, the LGUs, the religious leaders, and partner stakeholders for their cooperation and undying support, which played a major role in the successful surrender of Abdulhamsi and his return to the folds of the law.

As of counting, there have been 36 ASG members who have surrendered to the authorities in Panamao, Sulu. The successful surrender and turnover of the 36 ASG members is the result of the collaborative efforts between the government forces, peace-inclined groups, and the local government units.

The Naval Forces Western Mindanao, through its Naval and Marine components in the frontlines, vowed for their continuous support to the campaign of the Western Mindanao Command and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to end the local armed conflict in the province. It is with a firm belief that the absence of local armed conflict is the catalyst in achieving the most desired lasting peace and security in the province. — Naval Forces Western Mindanao

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