Eight local terrorist supporters surrender in Lanao del Sur

by Warren Ryan Revoltar

Western Mindanao Command Chief Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan, Jr. conveyed that eight supporters of the Daulah Islamiyah surrendered to the 82nd Infantry Battalion in Barangay Dado, Balindong, Lanao del Sur on December 10, 2020.

Lt. Gen. Vinluan said, “The eight-handed over one high-powered firearm and one Caliber 45 pistol to 82IB Commanding Officer Rafman Altre.”

“I am happy that our efforts to end terrorism and lawlessness continue to give good results,” said Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr.

According to Lt. Col. Altre, seven of the eight surrendered personalities were prematurely recruited by Imam Dimacaling and only underwent three days of training in 2017. Likewise, one of them was present during the encounter with the troops from the 82IB in January this year.

103rd Infantry Brigade Commander Brig. Gen. Jose Maria Cuerpo stressed that their efforts in urging the local terrorists and their supporters to surrender and bring peace to the communities continue.

“With the support of the local government unit and local chief executives, we will facilitate and reintegrate them into the mainstream society,” said Brig. Gen. Cuerpo.

Meanwhile, Joint Task Force ZamPeLan Commander Maj. Gen. Generoso Ponio commended the 82IB for facilitating the return of the LTG supporters.

“Let us continue to show the people that we, soldiers, have the heart and compassion even to our enemies in times of crisis and conflict,” said Maj. Gen. Ponio.

“But do not let your guards down and continue to practice extreme caution and vigilance for our true enemies who remain as threats not only to our ranks but also to the people we’ve sworn to protect still exist,” Maj. Gen. Ponio added.  — Western Mindanao Command

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