House Speaker receives rank as reserve Army officer

by Warren Ryan Revoltar

The Commanding General Philippine Army led the Commissioning Ceremony of the Speaker of the House of Representatives here today, November 25, 2020.

Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana administered the donning of rank to newly-commissioned officer reservist Lt. Col. Lord Allan Jay Velasco.

Part of the current thrust of the Philippine Army is the enhancement of its reserve manpower and personnel recruitment system as part of the development of its land power capabilities. The donning of ranks in the military symbolizes the conferment of authority and responsibility. The ceremony also formalizes the inception of the new officers to the reserve component of the Philippine Army as they take their oath to serve in the defense of our country and people.

“We are proud to have you in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army. Like the rest of the reservists, you know your integration into the Philippine Army brings a promising advantage in our efforts on nation-building, disaster preparedness, and in conducting non-traditional roles that require legal actions,” Lt. Gen. Sobejana said in his remarks. — Philippine Army

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