Navy aircraft conducts non-contact commex with Japan Maritime Self Defense vessel

by Chari Santos

A Philippine Navy (PN) aircraft conducted a non-contact goodwill exchange in a form of communication exercise (COMMEX) with Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) vessel JS Teruzuki as it traversed Philippine waters at the vicinity of Busuanga, Palawan on July 18.

As part of a long line of naval tradition, COMMEX is a customary naval exchanges of courtesy between friendly navies. Similar to the usual PASSEX or rendition of passing honors it mirrors the good relations of naval assets (including naval aircrafts) during meeting engagements.

The recent COMMEX between the PN air asset and the transiting JMSDF warship in our territorial waters is a manifestation of this continuing friendly relation between the 2 navies. It not only highlighted this strong bond but also tested the interoperability of these naval platforms. For this activity the said COMMEX was rendered by a Philippine Navy C-90 aircraft conducting routine patrol in the vicinity of Palawan AoR. Such activity is in parallel with the Philippine Navy’s thrust of promoting and sustaining naval diplomacy toward regional peace, stability and progress.

~Press release and photos courtesy of Naval Forces West and Naval Air Wing, Philippine Navy

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