Two Chinese jets enters Taiwan’s air space on Christmas Day

by Warren Ryan Revoltar

Taiwan’s defense ministry said Friday that two Chinese jets entered Taiwan’s air space on Christmas Day.

“Two PLA aircraft – Y-8 ASW and Y-8 reconnaissance entered Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ (air defense identification zone) on December 25,” Taiwan’s defense ministry said.

Taiwan issued radio warnings and deployed its air defense missile systems to monitor the activity of the Chinese jets.

Chinese jets have been making repeated incursions into Taiwan’s air space in the past three months. President Tsai Ing-wen had earlier warned that the Taiwan Air Force has been scrambling fighter jets at more than double the rate of last year.

China views Taiwan as a reneged province and has vowed to unite it with the mainland, a move resisted by the county, including the US, which is Taiwan’s biggest ally.

Last week, Taiwan had deployed its Air Force as a Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong sailed through the Taiwan Strait.

According to Taiwan’s military, the country’s fighter jets have taken to the skies 4,100 times till October in response to China’s incursions making about 22 sorties a day on average, which is 129 percent more than last year.

The rate of dispatch of Naval ships has also gone up manifold to resist Chinese ships at sea, with Taiwan sending its vessels 7,500 times compared to 6,000 last year.

“Faced with Chinese communists’ saber-rattling and intimidations… we should demonstrate our belief not to yield an inch of our territory and sovereignty,” President Tsai had said as he sought to push back China’s military might.

A Taiwan military report said that China’s military actions posed “grave challenges” to its national defense and security. — WION Web Team

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