Welcome to China

by Ret Sakay

Today we celebrate the Philippine-Chinese Friendship Day or the strong bond between the two countries.

This day is nothing new because China has been the BFF of the administration since 2016 if not for a little incident in Pag-Asa Island, part of the Municipality of Kalayaan in the West Philippine Sea.

A reporter from a TV network received a welcoming SMS when she opened her mobile in the island as she covers the much needed upgrade in the port of Pag-asa.

Top officials of the Defense Department and the Armed Forces of the Philippines were present during the inauguration of the beaching ramp in Pag-asa, the most significant development in the island in recent years.

The text said “Welcome to China! Your well-being is important to us. To ensure that you stay fully connected with your loved ones while you travel, your all day data roaming is now only P399/day, until July 31,2020..and so forth…

So what is the problem now?

Aside from the obvious that the West Philippine Sea, more specifically the Municipality of Kalayaan, is not part of China.

Many are saying that the welcoming SMS is an insult, a major face palm moment in the ongoing helplessness in the West Philippine Sea where Chinese plunder of our rich natural resources goes everyday and no one in Malacanan is giving a damn fuck about it.

Some are even blaming the telco company for this development.

We just hope that we are not missing the bigger implications of that welcoming SMS.

While the rest of the world battle the COVID-19 pandemic, China not only upgraded its military capability in West Philippine Sea but its communications infrastructure as well.

Which is the main reason for this piece.

While our Defense and military officials are celebrating the inauguration of a beach ramp in Pag-asa, the Chinese now have a strong access to communications in the whole West Philippine Sea. They have access to WiFi and we have a beach ramp.

Let that sink in.

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